I collaborate with my clients using an integrative approach, which means that I employ knowledge and experience from different counselling modalities and theories depending on each client.

Counselling is solving emotional problems by talking with a professional who is trained to help achieve a more fulfilling life for the individual client, marital relationship, or family relationship. The process of change begins by first clearly defining the problem, then discussing thoughts and feelings as well as developing an understanding of the origin of the difficulty, and then finally developing new skills and a healthy attitude about yourself and others. The key factor in this process is for you to feel comfortable and free to express yourself within the session, with the understanding that I will challenge and encourage you toward new growth. Counselling is a collaborative effort between the client and the counsellor. Therefore, if at any time during the counselling you have a question about whether or not the treatment is effective, feelings about something I have said or suggested, or need clarification about our goals, please do not hesitate to bring this up.

The counselling process will consist of empowering you to access strength within yourself, and other possible resources, in order to take steps toward growth and recovery. I will collaborate with you in a safe environment as we identify underlying factors contributing to the presenting problem. This is done by assessing your family history and past hurts, presenting a crisis and finally exploring ways to bring about positive change.

Therapeutic Approaches:
• Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
• Psychotherapy approach
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Gender affirmative approach
• Person-Centred Counselling
• Psychosexual Therapy
• Mindfulness