Couple Counselling

My clients who are in a committed relationship usually come to see me when they feel emotionally disconnected with their partners. Whether such disconnection is as a result of lack of intimacy, lack of sex, familiarity & boredom, lack of positive communication and frequent conflict in the relationship , affairs and other abusive behaviors , my goal is to help couples heal and create a more satisfying relationship and sexual experiences with each other.

Our therapeutic work will enable you to fall in-love all over again with your partner. You will learn to listen, share your feelings and desires in a more intimate and authentic way. You will learn to empathize, forgive, heal, communicate and of course how to flirt with your partner so that the “spark” stays alive. You will go out on dates and other assigned intimacy enhancement homework where you will rediscover one another. All that is asked of you is wholehearted commitment to the process and a positive outcome will be inevitable.

Sometimes a relationship may have deteriorated to the point of no return. If that be the case, I will provide the support and tools that you need to grief your losses and re-define a new partnership, especially if children will be involved.

Counselling process consists of helping in these areas and more:

  • Learning to talk about your sexual desires and wants with your partner
  • Rediscovering your erotic self and with each other
  • Sharing your sexual fantasies and preferences
  • Getting lid of sexual road-block: Things that are standing on your way from having satisfying sexual experiences
  • Learning to sexually pleasure each other
  • Learning to communicate effectively and problem-solve respectfully
  • Learning to agree or disagree without lowering each others dignity
  • Healing from emotional disconnect and establishing emotional connection.
  • Recovering from emotional and sexual affairs and moving forward.