Individual Counselling

Most of my clients who come to see me express their feelings of loneliness, fear, feeling out of control, anxious and many other unwanted feelings. I care about you and what you are going through, I will commit to create a safe place where you can feel understood and respected. I will view you will positive regard and a non-judgmental attitude. At the same time I will challenge and empower you to tap into your strength and other resources available to you. Whether you need counselling for mental health concerns, sexuality or relationships coaching skills, I can help. I help individual make sense and bring insight to their emotion, their thoughts patterns and behaviours. Whatever your issue, feel free to call me, and I will collaborate with you to bring healing and recovery in your life.

Counselling process consists of helping in these areas and more:

– Low libido
– Discovering your erotic journey
– Treatment for Early-ejaculatory and other erectile concerns
– Treatment for desires and arousal
– Issues related sexual orientation and practices
– Dealing and recovering from traumatic experiences
– Sadness/anxiety/depression
– Grief & loss
– Healing from abusive relationships
– Anger/guilt/shame
– Addictions
– Self esteem issues
– Dealing with painful childhood memories and emotional injuries
– Healing from dysfunctional family

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