My clients in committed relationships usually come to see me when they feel emotionally disconnected from their partners. The root causes of their dissatisfaction are relational factors such as lack of intimacy, sex, familiarity & boredom, poor communication skills, affairs, toxic behaviours and recurring conflicts. My goal is to help couples heal and create a more satisfying romantic relationship.

My work is designed to help you learn communication skills and emotional attunement. You will also learn how to empathize and address emotional pain and hurts that are getting in the way of your relationship. You will learn practical skills and exercises such as going out on dates and other assigned intimacy and sexuality enhancement homework in order to move towards repairing your relationship. All that is asked of you is a wholehearted commitment to the therapeutic process and a positive outcome will be inevitable.

Sometimes a relationship may have deteriorated to the point of no return. If that is the case, I will provide the support and tools you need to grieve your losses and redefine a new co-parent partnership if children are involved.

Couples are welcome to attend together or individually. It’s not unusual for one partner to initially come for therapy, and the other partner joins them after one or two sessions. I work with all couples regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationship lifestyles—monogamous and non-monogamous couples alike.

Couples therapy is for you if you wish to:

• Explore intimacy and rekindle your sex life.
• Learn communication skills and conflict resolution.
• Rebuild trust and erotic recovery after affairs.
• Learn skills to manage jealousy and other insecurities in your relationship.
• Communicate your sexual desires and wants.
• Address topics regarding LGBTQ2S+, heterosexuality, polyamory and monogamy.
• Establish boundaries in your relationship.
• Learn more about BDSM and tantric sex.
• Address issues regarding divorce and separation.
• Discuss parenting skills and family dynamics.
• Explore financial and work-related stressors.
• Receive treatment for mental health concerns.
• Establish an emotional bond between you and your partner.
• Learn negotiation skills within the framework of your relationship.
• Heal emotional and psychological pain in your relationship.
• Begin your healing journey and create the relationship you want.