When eroticism is interrupted by many unfortunate experiences such as trauma, or belief systems, habits, shame and guilt etc. My work as a sex therapist is to help you regain back your erotic self and your sexual connectedness. Sex therapy with me will go behold just helping you connect with your sexuality but also harness your sexual energy, passion and eroticism. Sexuality is mostly an act of doing sex but eroticism is like the air we breathe, it’s everywhere, we just need to slow down, connect and embrace our erotic energy that is all around us.

Therapeutic process includes:

  • Learning to talk about your sexual desires and wants with your partner
  • Rediscovering your erotic self and with each other
  • Sharing your sexual fantasies and preferences
  • Getting lid of sexual road-block: Things that are standing on your way from having satisfying sexual experiences
  • Learning to sexually pleasure each other
  • Learning to communicate effectively and problem-solve respectfully
  • Learning to agree or disagree without in a way that foster connection.
  • Healing from emotional disconnect and establishing emotional connection.
  • Recovering from emotional and sexual affairs and moving forward.

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