Any loss can cause a person to feel grief; whether it is the loss of a job, a relationship, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a cherished dream etc. The grieving process can vary and there is no set time frame for grieving. However it is important to allow the process to take place. It’s not important that someone follows five stages of grieving in sequence but rather to explore each stage as they surface. I find that my clients find it helpful to use Narrative techniques such as keeping personal journals, poetry, letters etc. This will help you connect with the painful emotions of loss as well as help you to bring closure with the person/event you have loss. Moreover, telling stories of the loss is another methods clients can process their grief.

Types of Trauma:

Natural Disasters.
Mass Interpersonal Violence
House or Other Domestic Fires.
Motor vehicle accidents
Rape and Sexual Assault
Stranger Physical Assault
Partner Battery
War affected individuals


Grief support group (8-10 Adults)
Two hours per week.

Grief Support Group is a 4 week Support group, provided to New Canadian adults that are grieving due to the loss of a loved one or another significant people. Other forms of grieving might include the participants feelings of loss and emptiness due to leaving their countries of origin, families and friends. The group will be a safe place in which the participants will share their stories. The objective is to provide a circle of support within a small group as well as for the participants to receive helpful information pertaining to grief and loss.

*Note: this workshop is also available for youth (age 14-20)